We Give Extra to You!

As your scurrying about getting ready for visitors and preparing meals in the next few months, be mindful to Be Thankful and Be Giving.

The staff at your library puts priority on serving you, our guests and patrons. We pride ourselves in making sure your experience with us is pleasant and meets your needs because you deserve it. And we give back too.

Every staff member and volunteer at the Strasburg-Heisler Library participates in the Extraordinary Give- the greatest day of giving in Lancaster County! On November 18, thousands of people will come together the support 400 non-profit organizations in Lancaster County. This will be the fifth year of our participation and our goal is to raise $15,000.

Inflation is hurting everyone, the library’s expenses have increased too. We depend on 35% of our budget to come from donations, not from late fees on materials, but from extra donations.

For each unique donor to us during the Extraordinary Give, we will receive a portion of the stretch pool which  is over $500,000 this year! We could use some of that, and you can get it for us by telling your family and friends to Give Extra to your library.

Together, we will be Extraordinary!