Borrowing Privileges

A library card issued from the Library System of Lancaster County may be used at any public library that is a member of the Library System of Lancaster County and to access the state-wide Inter-Library Loan service.

A card for the Library System of Lancaster County will be issued without charge to any resident of Lancaster County who is at least six years old.  A child under the age of 16 must have a parent or legal guardian present who agrees to assume responsibility for all materials borrowed by the child, any fines accrued, and cost of any lost materials. Identification and proof of residency is required.  Acceptable forms of ID include:

  1. a valid PA driver’s license
  2. a bill from a utility company or retailer addressed to the applicant and dated within the previous three months
  3. a tax bill for a Lancaster County property
  4. a current ID card with a Lancaster County address
  5. working papers issued to a teenager
  6. a copy of a current lease or deed for a Lancaster County property
  7. checks with a pre-printed Lancaster County address

A driver’s license number will be entered in the patron’s record. In the case of a child, the parent’s name and driver’s license number will be entered. If no license is available, other legal identification will be entered.

An institutional library card will be issued by the Strasburg-Heisler Library to a Lancaster County organization that plans to use the Strasburg-Heisler Library as its primary library and will assume responsibility for all borrowed materials. Library staff will offer the opportunity to extend the loan time of borrowed materials to four weeks. Overdue fines will accumulate for all materials not returned by the due date. One representative of the organization will be named as the contact person in the patron record, and a driver’s license number will be entered. The library staff member will make it clear to this patron that they will be held responsible for all materials borrowed and fines accrued, on behalf of the organization they represent.

Use of Library Card  

Library books and audio material may be checked out for two weeks, and videos for one week Patrons may renew these materials through their online account. Library staff may OVERRIDE this loan rule and renew the item again only if the owning library is in agreement and if there are no HOLDS on the item. Special loan periods can be arranged with the approval of the Director of the library that owns the materials.  Materials may be requested from other libraries, both within and outside the system, and delivered to the Strasburg-Heisler Library for check out and return. Loan rules set by other libraries for these items must be honored. All reference materials must be used in the Library unless the Director grants permission to check them out. Specialty items owned by the Strasburg-Heisler Library may be renewed at the Director’s discretion.

Suspension/Revocation of Borrowing Privileges

The borrowing of materials and computer usage will be suspended if a patron owes more than $5.99. Exceptions may be made at the Director’s discretion. All waivers will be Noted on the patron’s record.

On the occasion that a patron reports that he/she has been billed for material they state has been returned:

  • If the item is not found on the shelf it will be designated “claims returned” on the item’s record.
  • The information will also be entered on the patron’s record in the form of a Note.

After five (5) instances, the library will assume that there is a possibility of false reports of “claims returned.” The most recent “claims returned” items will be considered overdue on the patron’s account. The patron will be expected to return the items or reimburse the library for the cost of the lost materials according to the price indicated on the item record. Failure to pay for lost books will result in suspended library privileges until the account is settled.

The Director or authorized staff member may choose to waive fines in special circumstances.  This applies only to fines on materials owned by the Strasburg-Heisler Library. Under no circumstances can Strasburg-Heisler Library staff waive a fine incurred on member library materials or charge for lost or damaged material owned by another library.

It is the responsibility of the patron to contact the library that owns the missing or damaged items. Strasburg Library staff will make every effort to assist and provide all relevant information on behalf of the patron.

The current charges for overdue materials are:

  1. Children’s materials                          $  .20/day
  2. Young Adult/Adult materials              $  .30/day
  3. All Videos                                         $1.00/day

Fines on these items cap at $5.00 per item. Specialty items accrue fines as indicated on the item and on it’s record. Staff members are to inform patrons of these higher amounts when they are checked out.

Patrons must pay all fines in full; partial payments are not accepted at the Strasburg-Heisler Library.

Patrons will be charged to replace lost and/or damaged materials the price indicated on the item’s record. No refunds are given if the patron pays for, and then later finds the item. They may keep the item. If the lost or damaged item is less than 6 months old or is a high-demand item, the patron has the option to replace the item in its identical format rather than pay for it, only on approval by the Director or a Librarian.

If the cost of lost or damaged items is not paid within six months of the last due date, the Library reserves the right to prosecute to the extent of the law permitted under the Retention of Library Property Act (Section 6708, Title 18 PA Code and the Library Theft Act of 1982.)

The Director will contact a Strasburg Borough Police officer and release the contact information from the patron’s record along with a detailed list of the missing items.

Library Card User Rights and Responsibilities

By applying for a Library System of Lancaster County (hereafter LSLC) card

you are applying for confidential borrowing rights of all materials within the lending collection of the libraries within Lancaster County. You further apply for the privilege of using informational and educational databases licensed by the Library/LSLC.

The Library provides reference assistance, fax and copying services for your convenience at an additional cost. Certain programs and services are available for a fee. Any program or service requiring payment will be clearly disclosed before program or services are rendered.

All Library card holders are responsible to:

  •  Behave in accordance with the code of behavior at all times.
  •  Give immediate notice of change of address, phone number or other contact information.
  • Provide for the prompt return of borrowed items or the payment for delinquency or loss.
  •  Adhere to the laws and local regulations governing Library and information services.

Violation of any portion of the Library card holder’s responsibility is cause for revocation of “good standing,” thus restricting one’s Library privileges or terminating privileges altogether.

Library Theft Act Notice: (18 PA CSA § 3929.1) A person is guilty of library theft if he willfully conceals on his person or among his belongings any library or museum materials while still on the premises of a library or willfully and without authority removes any library or museum material from a library with the intention of converting such material to his own use.  A person who willfully conceals any library or museum material on his person or among his belongings while still on the premises of the library or in the immediate vicinity thereof shall be prima facie presume to have concealed the library or museum material with the intention of converting such material to his own use.

Retention of Library Property after notice to Return Notice: (18 PA CSA § 6708) A person is guilty of a summary offense if he retains any book, pamphlet, magazine, newspaper, manuscript, map or other property belonging in, or to, or on deposit with, any library open to the public or any part thereof, for a period exceeding 30 days after such library has given written notice to return the same.

Offenses Against Public Order and Decency: (18 PA CSA § 5903) No person, knowing the obscene character of the materials or performances involved, shall: (1) display or cause or permit the display of any explicit sexual materials…in such manner that the display is visible…in any business…where minors, as a part of the general public or otherwise, are or will probably be exposed to view all or any part of such materials; (3) design, copy, draw, photograph, print, utter, publish or in any manner manufacture or prepare any obscene materials; (4) write, print, publish, utter or cause to be written, printed, published or uttered any advertisement or notice of any kind giving information, directly or indirectly, stating or purporting to state where, how, from whom, or by what means any obscene materials can be purchased, obtained or had.

Lending of R-rated films

In alignment with the following guidelines, the Strasburg-Heisler Library refrains from lending R-rated films to children under the age of 17.

According to the Motion Picture Association of America, an R-rated motion picture may contain adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements. Parents are cautioned to take this rating very seriously.

The National Organization of Theatre Owners uphold that children under 17 are not allowed to attend R-rated motion pictures unaccompanied by a parent or adult guardian in public theatres. Generally, it is also not appropriate for parents to bring their children with them to R-rated motion pictures. Parents are strongly urged to find out more about an R-rated motion picture to determine its suitability for their children.

Video retailers join theater owners in embracing these guidelines of the rating system. Parents who rely on the rating system find that the information provided by the rating classifications is equally helpful in the home video format. To facilitate its use, ratings are displayed on both the package and on the DVDs themselves.

To support this policy the Strasburg – Heisler Library, the following procedures are taken:

  • All movies are tagged with a rating sticker that corresponds to the film industry rating on the original packaging. This label is placed on the case above the spine label to be clearly visible.
  • Circulation staff will be conscientious of the patron’s age when checking out R-rated films.  If in question of an unaccompanied young patron’s age, the staff member will check the patron’s birthdate on record to verify his/her age. Staff members also have the option to ask to see a driver’s license as proof of age.
  • If a parent reports that an R-rated film was loaned to their child then the Library will offer to post a message on their child’s record to not loan films other than those that are G or PG rated.
  • Parents are not to use their child’s library card to check out R-Rated films.

Code of Conduct

The Strasburg-Heisler Library encourages the public to use its facilities, materials, and services to fulfill their educational, cultural, and recreational needs. To best serve all library users and staff, certain standards and rules of library behavior have been established. Behavior becomes unacceptable when it interferes with appropriate use of the library by others or when it could result in a safety hazard, injury, or damage to library property. Following the Code of Conduct ensures that our library provides a respectful atmosphere for all.

  • Any conduct in violation of federal, state, or local law, ordinance or regulations or library rules or policies is prohibited in the library.
  • Behavior which may disturb others is prohibited including, but not limited to:
    •  Conversations in person or over a telephone that disturb others
    •  Abusive, obscene, or threatening language or gestures
    • Harassment towards other visitors or staff members
    • Sound from electronic devices
    • Crying babies and screaming children
    • Boisterous behavior including; running, shoving, jumping, throwing things, fighting, and misuse of furniture
    • Lewdness
    • Excessive displays of affection or sexual misconduct
    • Offensive, pervasive odor that interferes with others’ enjoyment of the library.
    • Solicitation in any manner is prohibited

Any person or persons displaying such behaviors will be asked to refrain from doing so, or asked to leave if such behavior does not cease immediately upon request.

  • Food and beverage consumption, is not permitted in library facilities unless as part of a library event.
  • Smoking is only permitted 50 feet from the exterior entrance doors.
  • Entering the library in a perceived or actual state of intoxication or drug-induced impairment is prohibited. A police officer will be contacted to escort such a person off the premises.
  • Proper attire which conforms to the standard of the community for public places, including shoes and shirts is required.
  • Only certified therapy or service animals needed to assist a person with a disability, or part of a library event are permitted inside the library.
  • weapons of any kind, or items perceived as weapons are prohibited in the library.
  • Visitors are not to defacing library materials nor monopolize or misuse and mistreat library equipment, toys, and computers. Damaging or stealing another person’s property is also prohibited.

The library is not responsible for the damage or theft of visitor’s personal property.

  • All library materials must be properly checked out before they can be removed from the premises. Some materials must remain on the property due to their delicate condition or rarity.
  • Children under the age of 7 must be within eyesight of a parent or caregiver over the age of 14.

If any person or persons participate in illegal behaviors, or behaves in a way that others are being threatened, a police officer will be called to take appropriate action.

The Strasburg-Heisler library reserves the right to require disruptive persons to leave the premises- with police escort if necessary for the safety of others, the right to restrict library privileges, and the right to ban an individual from the library for a specified amount of time or permanently. Individuals will be told of their violation at the time of the incident. The library Director and Board of Trustees will send a letter documenting the incident and what actions will be taken if so deemed necessary.