There are many ways to donate to your library!

1. The best way to help is with a financial gift.

Without your support:

  • We couldn’t hold events and programs.
  • There would be fewer and less interesting items to borrow and laptops to use.
  • We’d have fewer staff members to assist you.

2. Shop our Wish List.

Click the image below to see our Amazon Wish List for donation ideas.


4. Honor Someone with a Book

It is easy to recognize book lovers through the Gift Book/Birthday Book program. The library director welcomes your suggested subject — usually something the honoree is passionate about, rather than a specific title. The library director will make an appropriate selection that will enhance the collection. An acknowledgement will be sent to the honoree and to the donor and a book plate will be placed inside the front cover of the book.


PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT accepting book donations at this time.

Large quantities of books in good condition can be donated to other libraries, The Mennonite Life Center (beside the Starbucks on Lincoln Hwy E), or Goodwill. Books in poor condition can be taken to the Mennonite Central Committee in Ephrata for recycling or to Lancaster County Waste Management to generate electricity. Leaving books in poor condition at the library takes our time away from serving our customers!

We thank you for your compliance!