Board of Trustees

Library Boards work closely with the Director to meet their community’s needs. Together they create a Strategic Plan every three years to maintain a course of positive action and attainable growth. They make sure that the library operates within a reasonable budget, policies are appropriate, and that state standards are not just met, but exceeded.

Each Trustee applies their personal expertise for the common good. The skills represented by the members  typically includes finance, business, fundraising, event planning, law, education, and local governance. Most importantly, they care about our community!

The Director keeps in contact with the Trustees via email when an issue arises and on the progress of projects. She also keeps them informed of county and statewide events and activities.

The Board works closely with the Friends Group to keep fundraising projects on track. Trustees and Friends also assist in special in-house projects.

If you have questions about the activities the Board is currently working on, please call the library and ask to speak with Kristin.

The Officers of the Board for 2024 are:

President: Nichole Madonna

Vice President: Emily Hoffman

Treasurer: Danielle DeGroft

Secretary: Anne Harnish

Trustees:   Kirsten Updike, Casey Shaeffer, Kayln Kerr, and Pat Pontz