Story Times

Participating in group story times is an essential step to Cruising into Kindergarten.

Preschool Story Time – Ages 4-5

This story time is for children who can sit in a group, listen attentively, and participate appropriately. The reader will use reading strategies such as making predictions, gaining vocabulary from association, and drawing conclusions. Usually 4 stories within a theme are read.

Tuesdays at 10:30. No registration required.

Toddler Story Time – Ages 2-3

This session of story time is for children who are learning to sit with a group, can pay attention through the end of a story, and participate when asked to do so. The reader will introduce reading skills such as making predictions, getting the main idea and sharing vocabulary. Usually 3 themed stories are introduced and 1 is repeated from the previous week.

Wednesdays at 10:30. No registration required.