Drop Your Drawers!

This year is our 6th annual Drop Your Drawers campaign to collect 500 pairs of new underwear during the month of February. The underwear will be distributed by L-S Together to local organizations and schools in the Lampeter-Strasburg Community that serve children and families.  Most of the packs of underwear will go to the local schools for the nurses to have on hand in case of accidents and mishaps.

Children may need clean underwear at school for a variety of reasons including accidents, illness, clean underwear may not be available at home, for children who dress themselves inappropriately, or because a parent is just not available to bring fresh clothing to the school in the middle of the day.

The availability of this simple piece of clothing provides students relief from embarrassment and keeps them in the classroom so they can focus on learning.

Underwear is the most requested clothing item at clothing banks, yet it is the least donated item. Let’s help change that!

To make you donation of new underwear easy, click on this link to our Amazon list and the preselected items that you purchase will be shipped directly to the library.https://a.co/7PAs5Fe