Critical Loss

On May 22, The Strasburg-Heisler Library received just half of its planned contribution from the Strasburg Borough. We were encouraged that the remaining amount would be coming in the fall. Recently, we were informed that we may not get the remaining half at all, thus creating a deficit of over $12,000!

All other state, county, and municipal revenue for the library has been received for this year. We will not receive 2020 contributions from these sources until well into the spring of next year leaving the library dependent on private donor support for at least six months.

Sustaining the level of service and materials selection that our customers expect is just not going to be possible without donor support. Otherwise, we will be forced to cut hours, terminate orders of new materials, and cancel programs.

And then there’s the domino effect! The library must maintain specific criteria to receive Excellence Aid from the state. We must offer specified services, be open a certain number of hours during the week and weekends, and show a high level of Local Funding Effort. Without the funds we rely on, we cannot meet these regulations and therefor will receive less money from the state as well!

Strasburg-Heisler Library is unique in Lancaster County for a couple of reasons. We serve more people outside of our designated service area than all the other libraries, we have the highest rate of library materials usage per capita, and we have the highest rate of completion of the kids who participated in the Summer Reading Program

We are small and mighty! But we can’t sustain it without you!

I encourage you to read the minutes from the Strasburg Borough Council and Planning Commission meetings from May 2019: